Sunday, July 6, 2008

UPS VA Calculations & Helps for your power circuit

These articles are handy for use with VA calculations:

VA Calculator based on Watts / Amps:

HowTo on converting Watts to Amps and other things:

Also some good facts to know:

There are normally two circuits of power in a house / building.

Each circuit has a circuit breaker, which will allow up to 10A (2400Watts) on a 220-240 Volt current. This gives a total of two circuits of 20Amps.

You need to ensure that the circuit you install equipment on, does not exceed the limit of the circuit breaker, or you will simply have problems powering your valuable devices.

NB. Some buildings / suites, have 20A circuit breakers, which equates to a higher amount of Amps that can be drawn down the circuit to devices.

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