Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All my printers disappeared!?

Your Print spooler service has probably crashed.

To fix this you need to either reboot your computer, or restart the spooler service.

Here is one way to do it in Windows Vista (Scroll down for Windows XP walkthrough):

1. Right click the desktop, choose NEW, then shortcut
2. In the "Type the location of the item" field type in CMD and click NEXT
3. In the "Type the name for this shortcut" field, type Command Prompt, and click Finish
4. Find the icon called "Command Prompt" on your desktop, then right click on it, and chose "Run as Administrator"
5. Click on the button that says continue, and the black command box will appear.
6. Click on the black window that opened, and type in NET STOP SPOOLER then press the Enter button
7. The black window will display the status of your command, and then you need to start the spooler again.
8. Type in NET START SPOOLER and press the ENTER button.
9. Watch the status and when it says "The Print Spooler service was started successfully", you have done it all correctly.
10. Type in EXIT and press the ENTER button to close the black window.
11. Check on your printers folder, and all your printers should be back.
NB. You may need to delete old jobs, and print them again.

For Windows XP, it is much simpler:

1. Click START button, then Click on RUN, then type in CMD and press the enter key.
2. A black window called a Command Prompt will open, and you need to type NET STOP SPOOLER and then press the ENTER button on your keyboard.
3. Then when it finishes running that command, type in NET START SPOOLER, and press the ENTER Key.
4. Now its complete, and your printers should work, so type in EXIT and press Enter again.

Cheers, josh mitchell

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