Thursday, July 9, 2009

List: Port Forwarding for SBS2003

Ok, so you need to forward a number of ports on your router, so that various functions of your SBS2003 setup will actually work. Those poor users out there on the internet, just can't get to your server's facilities, if you don't let them in through specific holes in your firewall.. now can they!

Here is the Microsoft Official document:

Here is the MSMVPS blog link, which displays the table if you are lazy, and not going to read the whole document:

And for the super lazy people, here is a quick list of ports:

25 Email
80 HTTP port for your website
443 HTTPS for SSL access to your website
444 Windows SharePoint Services Intranet site
4125 Remote Web Workplace
1723 Virtual Private Network (VPN)
3389 Terminal Services (RDP Port)
21 File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

For the really really lazy people, you probably only want remote web access to your server, then enable port 443, 3389 and 4125.

For the ignorant (it's not a bad thing, its the state we all are in before someone explains it to us), you need to set your router to forward requests coming from the outside, on these ports, to the same ports on your server.

Happy port forwarding.


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