Thursday, July 30, 2009

RDP and printers not redirecting

If you want printers to redirect from your local machine onto your host RDP server, so that you can print documents back home.. and it doesn't work. This page then is for you.


1. You need to install the drivers onto the server.
a. Right click on whitespace in the servers Printer Control Panel. Choose Server properties.
b. Click on the Drivers Tab, and choose Add. Finish the wizard off. You may need to also use, Have Disk, to ensure you install the same driver as your remote PC's are using.

2. Ensure your Terminal Services software is allowing printer redirection. (See further down page, for how to).

If this is setup right, then when your clients connect, they should see thier printers on the host server.

NB. You should be using the same driver printer drivers, so that it works properly.

More info on TS Printers:


First thing to know, is that network printers installed on your HOME PC, WILL NOT map to your RDP host, only USB, COM and LPT printers will.

Things to check First:

Am I using a HP DOT4 Printer driver, if so there is a fix for you:

Solution to this problem can be found here:
Document Ref:;en-us;q302361

Does my group policy disable printer redirection?

Have I turned Printer Redirection of in TS COnfiguration menu?

Start >> All Programs >> Administrative Tools >> Terminal Services Configuration >> Right CLick on RDP-TCP, and then choose the TAB named "Client Settings".
Make sure nothng is disabled except maybe audio mapping.

Cheers, josh

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