Saturday, September 5, 2009

Windows Explorer takes SO LONG to open

Doesn't that just annoy you so much! Explorer just hangs for ages, and you can't browse for a while: here is my solution.

NB. Make sure no dodgy CD's or floppies are in their bays!

There are a couple things to bear in mind here.

When My computer is opened (Windows Explorer), Windows XP will attempt to check each drive for volume information (space free etc), so that it can display it to you.
As a result, when you have drives mapped to resources on networks that you are not connected to.. it will take a while to realise this (time out) and move on to the next drive. Once it completes this “check” the drives will display for you.

NB. The more networked drives one adds, the slower explorer will take to open up.

The way around this is, to manually run a script from the desktop, and make sure that drive letters are not persistent. This way when you reboot, if the computer can’t find those resources (ie VPN is not running), then no drives will be mapped for it.

The catch here, is that when you do need those drive letters, you need to run the script AFTER you connect to that network (ie. Over vpn etc).


To re-emphasise, the solution is to:
1. leave the current script running (removing persistent connections) at start up.
2. Put a script on your desktop, which you can run to temporarily map drives you need, after you connect to your VPN.

NB. These recently added drive letters will only last until your next reboot.

Other things which are unlikely to be affecting the drives, but are possibly worth trying:

- try disable antivirus and see if it makes a difference - create exception for network drives
- try disable firewall, if makes difference: research ports and make amendments

Cheers, josh

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