Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WinXP - Slow PC, Slow Network Drives

If you have a slow computer, or you have network drives that you think are slowing down your computer, then try these solutions. Back up everything first! Use these fixes at your own risk.

+ Run CCleaner on all PC's to clean dodgy files and registry entries
+ C:\WINDOWS\system32\fxssvc.exe: disable the microsoft fax service
+ Run msconfig> startup> uncheck installshield
+ In msconfig> in startup locate and uncheck: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Adobe\SHOCKW~1\SWHELP~1.EXE
+ Run rootkit revealer>
+ Defrag the computer


+ Uninstall Spybot and any registry correction software, then repair Windows and update with SP3 (Prob: reg changes from sp's banned by Spybot!)
+ Disable computer browser on all computers and reboot, one by itself wil slow network!!
+ check antivirus is set not to scan network folders
+ check Windows View Options settings carefully (off/ show popup descriptions... off/ use Classic Windows Folders)
+ update network drivers on all computers
+ Uninstall Spybot (Teatime incompatibility with IE8)
+ Turn off all indexing, including Google (indexing network drives.. ugg)
+ Make sure all Pc's are running the same Service Pack 3
+ Check to see if disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP helps out?
+ Are you using 802.1x? If not try turning of this off might help hereTurn of folder options here
+ Check the crypto registry settings:
+ Apply these changes
+ Stop and Disable Service "Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)" - this affects scanners appearing in my computer apparently
+ Try reserving IP address's for workstations and then adding an LMHOST file to each computer containing the names of PC and servers you connect to with thier IP address's.
-- LHHOST - (Don't forget to run flush and load commands, see ref link)
+ Check your DNS and WINS settings
+ Anti-virus policy... scanning of directory depth, scanning of zip files.(limit the depth of scanning
+ GPO disable "launch explorer windows is seperate process"
+ Turn off services "Security center" "Firewall" "MS Defender" and Disable them.
+ Enable Guest account on all PC's
+ Check your sharing type (Simple File Sharing OR our Security List way..)
+ CACLS tool -
+ Add "/persistent:no" to your batch files for network shares

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